Phone Calls/Visitation

Phone Calls

Phone Call Days:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Rules for phone calls:
– Residents get one 10-minute phone call per day.
– Residents may place their call at staff discretion; parents may call between 6PM-8PM.
– Residents may only speak to people who are on their phone call list.
– Only probation can add people to this list.
– People may be removed from this list should they become problematic.


Visitation Rules:
– Limit of two visitors per resident
– Visitors must be on the resident’s visitation list; only probation can add people to this list.
– Visitors must have a valid photo identification to enter.
– Please leave cell phones, tobacco products, gum, drinks, wallets, purses, money, hats, money, and food in your vehicle.

Normal visiting hours:
Sunday: 4PM-5PM
Monday: No Visits
Tuesday: 4PM-5PM
Wednesday: 7PM-8PM
Thursday: No Visits
Friday: 4PM-5PM
Saturday: 4PM-5PM

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